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Bringing the Class of 1953 together to celebrate 60 years:

Jack Daugherty
Jack McMahon

Bringing the Class of 1958 together to celebrate 55 years:

Bob Ferreira
John Kulick
Jack Love
Garth Willie

Bringing the Class of 1963 together to celebrate 50 years:

Lenny Weiss

Bringing the Class of 1968 together to celebrate 45 years:

Volunteers Needed

Bringing the Class of 1973 together to celebrate 40 years:

Jackie Berkowitz
Bob Geary
Frank Pace

Bringing the Class of 1978 together to celebrate 35 years:

Sheldon Cohen
Barry Paige
Frank Ross

Bringing the Class of 1983 together to celebrate 30 years:

Phillip Dixon
Michael Gallagher

Bringing the Class of 1988 together to celebrate 25 years:

Volunteers Needed

Bringing the Class of 1993 together to celebrate 20 years:

Greg Beten
Veronica Ng

Bringing the Class of 1998 together to celebrate 15 years:

Marty Hritz

Bringing the Class of 2003 together to celebrate 10 years:

Samer Safadi

Bringing the Class of 2008 together to celebrate 5 years:

Volunteers Needed

Alumni Association Reunion Chairperson: Lenny Weiss ‘63

The success of Homecoming depends in large part on the active participation and commitment of Class Representatives. Reunions are typically promoted by a committee of class volunteers. In the past, classes have found that having large, active committees not only makes reunion promotion run smoothly, but also encourages more involvement in Homecoming.

The staff in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations is available throughout the reunion planning process to assist you. Their goal is to work with Class Representatives to ensure a fun and successful reunion.

To volunteer, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations toll free at 877.468.1436 or email dentalalumni@case.edu.

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