School of Dental Medicine: Giving

Jack Beattie, D.D.S. M.S. ’63

Jack Beattie

There are certain important people in my life,friends and mentors, who helped me find mypathway and my career, and I would feel remissif I did not in some way acknowledge them.The impetus for me giving back to the university was to ensure that the names ofDrs. B. Holly Broadbent Senior and Junior areforever remembered for the original research,and for the tremendous contributions theymade to the university. Working with them was truly inspirational. It’s a rarefied group ofindividuals at the CWRU School of DentalMedicine, who are truly concerned about research and education. I think the School ofDental Medicine is the ideal place to plant theflag of the Broadbent legacy for the university.”

Jack Beattie, D.D.S. M.S. ’63, had memorable experiences at the CWRU School of DentalMedicine that stemmed from being selected as the research fellow in dental facial morphology and working with Drs. B. Holly Broadbent Senior and Junior at the BoltonFoundation. Thanks to Dr. Beattie’s gift, the imaging center at the Bolton-Brush GrowthStudy Center will be known as the Broadbent Institute for Craniofacial Research.