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It's hard to keep track of all the progress we've been making, from the research in all of our departments to the impact we've been having on our community, but you'll find our attempt to collect it all here. To help fill in what we've missed, you may want to visit the university news center, which produces and hosts the Case Daily news reports.

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7/2014 - Researchers to Test Body’s Natural Antibiotic as Possible Tool for Detecting Oral Cancers
7/2014 - Dr. Leena Palomo Featured in Redbook "5 Tooth-Brushing Mistakes We All Make" Article
6/2014 - Evaluating Dental Studies with Evidence-Based Practices Benefits Dentists, Patients
6/2014 - University Names New School of Dental Medicine Dean
4/2014 - Discovery Allows Researchers to Study How Immune Cells Ward Off Oral Diseases
4/2014 - Bruce Latimer Appears on PBS Series ”Your Inner Fish”
3/2014 - Researchers Find Byproducts from Gum Disease Incite Deadly Oral Cancer Growth
2/2014 - Collaborative Home for Oral Health, Medical Review, and Health Promotion (CHOMP) Project Receives Media Attention
2/2014 - Paper by Professor Yiping Han Among Most Read of 2013 in “Journal of Dental Research”
1/2014 - School Receives Grant to Provide Dental Exams to Underserved Children


11/2013 - Dental School Paleoanthropologist Assembles Past from Artifacts
10/2013 - New Chair Researches Difficult-to-Diagnose Syndrome
10/2013 - Dean Jerold S. Goldberg Receives Achievement Award
10/2013 - Dental Alumni Featured in CWRU 30 Under 30
8/2013 - Dental Researchers Discover How Oral Bacterium Can Trigger Colorectal Cancer
7/2013 - Researcher's NIDCR Grant Targets Oral Bacteria and Fetal Death Link
6/2013 - School of Dental Medicine Receives Grant from Cleveland Foundation
5/2013 - Emotional Intelligence Trumps IQ in Dentist-Patient Relationship, Study Finds
4/2013 - Dean Jerold S. Goldberg to Step Down Next Year
2/2013 - CWRU and Yale University Research Shows Need for Multiple Tests to Detect Infection in Low Birth-Weight Infants


12/2012 - “CHOMP” Pilot Program Offers One-stop Oral and Health Care at CWRU Clinic
11/2012 - Cleveland Middle-Schoolers Experience Hands-On Science, Technology, and Dentistry
11/2012 - Research Strengthens Link Between Obesity and Dental Health in Homeless Children
11/2012 - Think[box] Technology Helps Dental Student Create the Perfect Proposal
11/2012 - Dental and Nursing Students Collaborate in New Interprofessional Project
11/2012 - Dr. Zachary Mellion '04 recieved the N. Wayne Hiatt Rising Star Award from the Ohio Dental Association‌
11/2012 - Dr. Leena Palomo featured in AADR's Strides in Science
11/2012 -  Dr. Kari Cunningham, 10 featured in An Inside Look - How Dr. Cunningham got her start in a recent edition of Generation D, an e-publication for new dentists by the Ohio Dental Association
10/2012 - CWRU Orthodontics Orthodontics Student Research Takes 1st and 2nd Place at annual session of the Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists‌
10/2012 - Dental School Hosts 18 Chinese Visitors Here to Polish Their Orthodontic Skills
10/2012 - Dr. Ronald Lemmo, '84 installed as Treasurer of the American Dental Association
10/2012 - Dr. Brian Scott, '78 installed as second vice president of the American Dental Association
10/2012 - Dental school joins Israel’s Rambam Medical Center for new program
10/2012 - 
9/2012 - Delta Dental Foundation presents $72,688 grant to CWRU
8/2012 - Moms linked to teen oral health, says study
7/2012 - Orthodontics alumnus Dr. Jack Beattie has been featured in the Spring 2012 issue of the American Association of Orthodontics' magazine, New Dimensions
6/2012 - Brush up: Study finds gum disease linked to women’s hormones
6/2012 - Dental students’ summer dig searches for human evolution in Israel
6/2012 - CWRU wins federal funding for health initiatives aiding underserved patients
6/2012 - Researchers find joint failures potentially linked to oral bacteria
6/2012 - Gum disease linked to knee pain
5/2012 - Reporting for Army duty, student leaves legacy of Peru dental mission
3/2012 - Leena Palomo awarded clinical research fellowship
2/2012 - Dental researchers help unearth secrets of evolution
1/2012 - Dr. Francis Curd, '77 has published "The declining humber of practicing African American dentists in Cuyahoga County, 1970 through 2001."
1/2012 - Donor Spotlight: Dr. Samuel C. Muslin
1/2012 - Common oral bacteria makes body vulnerable to illness
1/2012 - Lose the fat and improve the gums, CWRU dental researchers find


12/2011 - Dr. Samer Safadi, '03 featured on CWRU's Alumni Spotlight
Dr. Samuel C. Muslin, '77 featured in the fall edition of the Dental School's magazine
10/2011 - Mother Nature's Oral Antibiotics Research Gets $2.25 million from NIH
8/2011 - CWRU Students Receive Over $25,000 in Scholarships from the Ohio Dental Association Foundation
8/2011 - School of Dental Medicine Receives $2.6 Million in Grants
7/2011 - Dr. Sorin Teich explains new implant alternative
5/2011 - Dr. Han's research featured in Think, the magazine of Case Western Reserve University
2/2011 - Free Clinic Provides Valuable Services to Cleveland Community
2/2011 - Professor Ge Jin Featured in CWRU Annual Report
2/2011 - Give Kids a Smile Day Helps 375 Cleveland Students
1/2011 - Case Western to Help Patients Affected by Allcare Shutdown ; Fox 8 News Story


10/2010 - CWRU Dental Student Research Earns Honors
9/2010 - CWRU School of Dental Medicine on WVIZ and WCPN
8/2010 - Essay, "Dentistry Wasn't Enough," by Former CWRU Assistant Professor and Reserve University Alumni H. Gene Shafer, DDS, featured in Think, the magazine of Case Western Reserve University
7/2010 - CWRU Dental Researchers Discover Oral Cancer Biomarker
7/2010 - CWRU Dental School to Adopt and Care for Nine Families for Family First Educational Initiative
7/2010 - Dr. Bissada Receives 2010 Outstanding Periodontal Educator Award
5/2010 - New Cornell Endowed Professorship in Pediatric Dentistry Will Be First Chair for Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine
2/2010 - Cleveland Clinic, CWRU Dental Researcher Finds Switch That Turns on the Spread of Cancer
1/2010 - 17th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation
1/2010 - Research Finds First Oral Bacteria Linking a Mother and Her Stillborn Baby
1/2010 - Dental School Hosts Annual Free Dental Exam Day


10/2009 - CWRU Receives $20.5 Million from Alumnus Donald Goodman and His Wife Ruth Weber Goodman
8/2009 - Dental Researcher Works to Stop Bacteria From Harming Fetus
8/2009 - Dental Students, Faculty, Help More than 1,400 Dental Patients During Mission of Mercy Weekend
6/2009 - NIH Funds $9.5 Million for Research on HIV and the Human Innate Immune System
6/2009 - Treating Gum Disease Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers
4/2009 - Graduation is a Family Reunion for Dental Student
3/2009 - Curriculum Change Earns School of Dental Medicine a William J. Gies Award for Innovation
2/2009 - Give Kids a Smile Day
1/2009 - Leena Palomo Awarded Glennan Fellowship
1/2009 - Suchitra Nelson Receives Presidential Early Career Award


10/2008 - EFDA Program Helps Hygienists and Assistants Move up in the Dental Profession
10/2008 - Reference Books Making a Difference for U.S. and Iraqi Military Dentists
10/2008 - Virtual Worlds Hold Promise to Reduce Real World Pain at the Dentist
9/2008 - Gum disease may cause pregnancy complications
9/2008 - Alumnus Plans His Future, Helps the School of Dental Medicine
5/2008 - Dental Students learn through experience at Free Clinic
4/2008 - Dr. Gerald Ferretti in Plain Dealer Health News
4/2008 - Link between dental health, overall wellness
1/2008 - CWRU to open orthodontic clinic in China


10/2007 - Gummy Bears receive special delivery by FedEx for dental research project
9/2007 - Case Western Reserve dental researchers give out gummy bears
3/2007 - Professionals Day 2007: David T. Wong
2/2007 - Elderly more likely to deny smoking when asked
2/2007 - New director Sorin Teich heads clinical operations


8/2006 - Dental School Rolls Out New Curriculum
6/2006 - Dr. Daniel Verne Symposium
4/2006 - First Link Found Between Oral Bacteria and Pre-term Birth
3/2006 - Case Study Results in Ten Papers for National Research Meeting
3/2006 - Human defensins may be a new antibiotic
1/2006 - Give Kids a Smile!


11/2005 - Gerald Ferretti crusades for healthy teeth in children
11/2005 - Netwellness Debuts Preventive Dentistry Health Topic 
11/2005 - Scottish dental student sees advances in dental medicine 
8/2005 - Healthy Weight Tied to Better Teeth
7/2005 - Dental School teams with medical doctors to save boy's life 
4/2005 - Dental School studies oral care in nursing homes
4/2005 - Second graders at Landis get dental help with the 3 Rs
3/2005 - Case finds dental patients agreeable to tobacco interventions 
3/2005 - University program only assistant training program with dental school in Cleveland area 
2/2005 - Greater Cleveland Dental Society members join with the School of Dental Medicine to help needy kids smile brightly
2/2005 - Recruiting African Americans into dentistry: Clinical instructor Potts-Williams leads efforts for Forest City Dental Society


12/2004 - New leader in ceramic dentistry envisions taking dental education to higher notch of excellence 
11/2004 - Test prep for students developed by Case dental teacher
8/2004 - Primary Care Coordinators transform clinical experience
7/2004 - New patient software helps transition toward paperless environment
7/2004 - Case professor's invention to aid orthodontists
7/2004 - Case researchers find out from students who's getting braces
6/2004 - Endodontist residents win national awards at competition
6/2004 - Dental students talk health & careers with elementary kids

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