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ASDA goes to Washington D.C.

National Dental Student Lobby Day

National Dental Student Lobby DayEvery year, our chapter sends students to Washington D.C to talk to the Congressmen and Senators about relative issues that are affecting us as dental students and future professionals. CWRU teams up with OSU dental students and together sit down with the elected officials from the state of Ohio to advocate for, use of amalgam, dental education, disaster response, fluoridation, health care reform, licensure, and student debt. Every voice makes a difference. Click to find out more…

Take on Ohio Legislators in Columbus

ODA Day at the Statehouse

Last year, 35 dental students attended the Ohio Dental Association Day at the Statehouse held March 14th in Columbus, Ohio. The day begins with a luncheon at the Renaissance Hotel, adjacent to the Statehouse, where the ODA Government Affairs Team briefed all those participating on the legislative issues that would be discussed later that afternoon with the State’s Legislators. The dental students were paired with a mentor dentist and then each attended two or three scheduled meetings with State Legislators. Both doctors and students agree that the dental student participation had a big impact in achieving the day’s goals for the ODA and wishes to have a bigger turnout for 2013. That means we need you to participate. Click to find out more…

The PAC’s. What are they?

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is a way for individuals or groups to participate in the legislative process. By joining a PAC with similar interests the individuals or groups can donate funds to help elect candidates that support their cause. Though laws limit the amount individuals and groups may contribute to a campaign, organizations are permitted to establish PACs to solicit voluntary contributions for their candidate. PACs assist local, state, and even federal candidates fund their campaigns. To best increase your political effectiveness: speak to a school legislative liaison or ASDA officer to find out more information, and also possible opportunities to participate.

The American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) is an organization that is separate and autonomous; not affiliated with a political party. Through ADPAC, dentists and dental students have an opportunity to support candidates who understand the specific interests of the profession.
Learn more about licensure here: www.ASDAnet.org/licensure

ODPAC, the Ohio Dental Political Action Committee, advocates on behalf of dentists in Ohio. By supporting the campaigns of pro-dentistry candidates for office, ODPAC is the political arm of the Ohio Dental Association (ODA). Focused specifically on candidates for Ohio that are good for the dental profession, it is funded through voluntary contributions made by members of the ODA.
Click here to visit the ODA and learn more: http://www.oda.org/.
Want to know about other states? www.ASDAnet.org/state-associations

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