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Academic Affairs

Kristin Victoroff, Associate Dean for Education 216.368.6616 kristin.victoroff@case.edu
Laura Huffman, Curriculum Manager 216.368.6731 laura.huffman@case.edu
Heather Ramsey, Department Assistant 216.368.0775 heather.ramsey@case.edu

Administration (including Continuing Education)

Ronald Occhionero, Associate Dean for Administration 216.368.1900 ronald.occhionero@case.edu
Gladys Ina, Department Assistant 216.368.1900 gladys.ina@case.edu

Admitting (New Patients)

Admitting and Radiology (New Patients) 216.368.8730

Admissions (DMD)

Emil Chuck, Director of Admissions 216.368.2460 emil.chuck@case.edu
Brian Sherman, Counselor 216.368.3203 brian.sherman@case.edu
Antonise Gilliam, Secretary 216.368.2460 antonise.gilliam@cwru.edu
Dianne Wagner, Secretary 216.368.2461 dianne.wagner@case.edu

Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD)

Fady Faddoul, Program Director 216.368.3994 fady.faddoul@case.edu
Hussein Assaf, Associate Professor, Associate Director 216.368.6759 hussein.assaf@case.edu
Maya Chane, Senior Instructor 216.368.3290 maya.chane@case.edu
M. Louay Taifour, Instructor   mohammedlouay.taifour@case.edu
Michael Alsouss, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Andrea Company, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Michael Gallagher, Clinical Assistant Professor   michael.gallagher@case.edu
Michael Guirguis, Clinical Assistant Professor   michael.m.guirguis@case.edu
Keith Norwalk, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Kenneth Palladino, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Jay Resnick, Clinical Assistant Professor   jay.resnick@case.edu
Sorin Teich, Associate Professor 216.368.6161 sorin.teich@case.edu
Evan Tetelman, Clinical Assistant Professor   evan.tetelman@cwru.edu
Jeffrey Young, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Michel Venot, Adjunct Associate Professor   michel.venot@case.edu
Sarah Youssef, Hygienist 216.368.0146 sarah.youssef@case.edu
Patrice Harris, Office Coordinator 216.368.3290 patrice.harris@case.edu
Tiara Jefferson, Dental Assistant 216.368.0146 tiara.jefferson@case.edu
Terrica Terrell, Dental Assistant 216.368.0146 terrica.terrell@case.edu

Biological Sciences

Aaron Weinberg, DMD, PhD, Chair 216.368.6729 aaron.weinberg@case.edu
Natarajan Bhaskaran, Research Associate 216.368.1241 natarajan.bhaskaran@case.edu
Sanghamitra Bhattacharyya, Research Associate 216.368.0739 sanghamitra.bhattacharyya@case.edu
Jennifer Calloway, Department Administrator 216.368.1525 jennifer.calloway@case.edu
Wei Cao, Research Assistant 216.368.4170 wei.cao@case.edu
Twishari Dasgupta, Research Associate 216.368.3791 twishari.dasgupta@case.edu
Betty Eapen, Lab Manager 216.368.1496 betty.eapen@case.edu
Zhimin Feng, Senior Instructor 216.368.1996 zhimin.feng@case.edu
Ilene Gertman, Project Coordinator 216.368.7573 ilene.gertman@case.edu
Santosh Ghosh, Instructor 216.844.6586 santosh.ghosh@case.edu
Edward Hill, Clinical Coordinator 216.844.3948 edward.hill@case.edu
Xun Jia, Research Associate 216.844.6561 xun.jia@case.edu
Ge Jin, Assistant Professor 216.844.3791 ge.jin@case.edu
Pushpa Pandiyan, Assistant Professor 216.368.2939 pushpa.pandiyan@cwru.edu
Patricia Mehosky Ribeiro, Dir. of Research Administration 216.368.1630 patricia.mehosky@case.edu
James Simmelink, Adj/Clin Assoc Professor 216.844.4252 james.simmelink@case.edu
Bernard Tandler, Visiting Faculty 216.844.0563 bernard.tandler@case.edu
Lance Vernon, Senior Instructor 216.844.0712 lance.vernon@case.edu
Tim Whittingham, Associate Professor 216.844.6753 tim.whittingham@case.edu
Wes Williams, Research Associate 216.844.8736 wesley.williams@case.edu
Fengchun Ye, Assistant Professor 216.844.0230 fengchun.ye@case.edu
Shao Xiang, Research Assistant 216.368.4170 shao.xiang@case.edu
Hong Yue, Sr. Research Associate    
YiFan Zhang, Research Assistant 216.368.1241 yifan.c.zhang@case.edu

Community Dentistry

Faculty & Staff    
James Lalumandier, Professor & Chair 216.368.3276 james.lalumandier@case.edu
Wendy Beins, Program Assistant, Dental Public Health 216.368.6737 wendy.beins@case.edu
Amber Burris, Department Assistant 216.368.2217 amber.burris@case.edu
Catherine Demko, Associate Professor 216.368.8804 catherine.demko@case.edu
James Houston, Senior Instructor 216.315.3583 james.houston@case.edu
Sena Narendran, Associate Professor 216.368.1131 sena.narendran@case.edu
Suchitra Nelson, Professor 216.368.3469 suchitra.nelson@case.edu
Kristi Victoroff, Associate Professor 216.368.6616 kristin.victoroff@case.edu
Kristin Williams, Assistant Professor 216.368.2392 kristin.williams@case.edu

Sealant Program    
Angela Harris, Health Educator 216.315.2780 angela.harris@case.edu
Beverly Houston, Hygienist 216.368.4545 beverly.houston@case.edu
James Houston, Dentist, Senior Instructor 216.315.3583 james.houston@case.edu
Stephanie Humphrey, EFDA 216.368.4545 stephanie.humphrey@case.edu
Greg Jagger, Equipment Technician 216.368.4545 gregory.jagger@case.edu
Lisa Jevack, Health Educator 216.374.8280 lisa.jevack@case.edu
Julie Kirlough, Hygienist 216.368.4545 julie.kirlough@case.edu
James Lalumandier, Chairman & Director 216.368.3276 james.lalumandier@case.edu
Sherry Norman, Referral Coordinator 216.374.3015 sherry.norman@case.edu
Carolyn Reid, Program Coordinator 216.368.4545 carolyn.reid@case.edu
Gerry Robinson, Dental Assistant 216.368.4545 gerry.robinson@case.edu
Connie Saxon, Dental Assistant, Onsite Coordinator 216.368.0982 constance.watkins@case.edu
Kristin Williams, Assistant Director 216.368.2392 kristin.williams@case.edu

Comprehensive Care

Lisa Lang, Assistant Dean of Clinical Education, Associate Professor and Chair 216.368.6736 lisa.lang@case.edu
Fady Faddoul Professor and Vice Chair 216.368.3994 fady.faddoul@case.edu
Aurelio Alonso, Assistant Professor 216.368.2486 aurelio.alonso@case.edu
Hussein Assaf, Associate Professor 216.368.6759 hussein.assaf@case.edu
Martin Chambers, Instructor   martin.chambers@case.edu
Palma Freydinger, Assistant Professor   palma.freydinger@case.edu
Angela Graves, Assistant Professor 216.368.2162 angela.graves@case.edu
Alfredo Hernandez, Assistant Professor 216.368.0777 alfredo.hernandez@case.edu
Roma Jasinevicius, Associate Professor 216.368.2237 theresa.jasinevicius@case.edu
Zina Kaleinikova, Assistant Professor 216.368.3565 zinaida.kaleinikova@case.edu
Jack Love, Associate Professor 216.368.5210 charles.love@case.edu
Tania Markarian, Senior Instructor 216.368.2486 tania.markarian@case.edu
Renato Roperto, Associate Professor 216.368.4777 renato.roperto@case.edu
Ben Schechter, Assistant Professor 216.368.3882 benjamin.schechter@case.edu
M. Louay Taifour, Instructor 216.368.6736 mohammedlouay.taifour@case.edu
Sorin Teich, Associate Professor 216.368.6161 sorin.teich@case.edu
Ibrahim Tulunoglu, Associate Professor 216.368.6365 ibrahim.tulunoglu@case.edu
Russell Wang, Associate Professor 216.368.6716 russell.wang@case.edu

Edward D'Alessandro, Assistant Professor 216.368.0214  
Dr. Amy Dubaniewicz, Instructor 216.368.0746 amelia.dubaniewicz@case.edu
Cara Fawcett, Instructor 216.368.3864 cara.fawcett@case.edu
Steve Fox, Assistant Professor 216.368.3819  
Elena Furman, Assistant Professor 216.368.3707  
Richard Gustaferro, Instructor 216.368.0450  
Alfredo Hernandez, Assistant Professor 216.368.3747  
Jean Iannadrea, Instructor 216.368.3570  
Jay Joseph, Associate Professor 216.368.3707  
Jerry Kolosionek, Instructor 216.368.0214  
Anthony Krane, Assistant Professor 216.368.3819  
Madge Potts-Williams, Assistant Professor 216.368.6766  
James Schneider, Instructor 216.368.3864  
Yoav Taub, Instructor 216.368.6766  
Roger Williams, Associate Professor 216.368.3864  

Kristine Basso, Department Assistant 216.368.6736 kristine.basso@case.edu
Terri Pitts, Department Assistant/Records 216.368.3260 theresia.pitts@case.edu

Dean's Office

Jerold Goldberg, Dean 216.368.3266 jerold.goldberg@cwru.edu
Dorothy Caplin, Assistant to the Dean 216.368.3266 dorothy.caplin@case.edu

Development and Alumni Relations

Sara Fields, Director of Alumni Relations 216.368.3924 sara.fields@case.edu
Megan Juby, Director of Development 216.368.3481 megan.juby@case.edu
Christine Dolinar, Department Assistant 216.368.3480 christine.dolinar@case.edu


Andre Mickel, Chair 216.368.0538 andre.mickel@case.edu
Anita Aminoshariae, Assistant Professor 216.368.1188 anita.aminoshariae@case.edu
Thomas A. Montagnese, Assistant Professor 216.368.6754 thomas.montagnese@case.edu
Heidi McKee, Department Assistant 216.368.1374 heidi.mckee@case.edu
Clinic Appointments 216.368.3236  

Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA)

Shelly Feiwell, Director 216.368.3252 Shelly.Feiwell@case.edu

Faculty Practice

Fady Faddoul, Chair 216.368.3994 fady.faddoul@case.edu
Hussein Assaf, Associate Professor 216.368.6759 hussein.assaf@case.edu
Aurelio Alonso, Assistant Professor 216.368.2486 aurelio.alonso@case.edu
Alfredo Hernandez, Assistant Professor 216.368.0777 alfredo.hernandez@case.edu
Zinaida Kaleinikova, Assistant Professor 216.368.3565 zinaida.kaleinikova@case.edu
Sorin Teich, Associate Professor 216.368.6161 sorin.teich@case.edu
Janet Draganic 216.368.0492 janet.draganic@cwru.edu
Appointments 216.368.0592  

Finance and Operations

John Smolik, Assistant Dean of Finance, Operations, and IT 216.368.6772 john.smolik@case.edu
Tori Hirsch, Business/Operational Affairs Manager 216.368.6982 victoria.hirsch@case.edu

Graduate Studies

Mark Hans, Dean of Graduate Studies 216.368.4649 mark.hans@cwru.edu
Colleen Friday, Department Assistant 216.368.1168 colleen.friday@cwru.edu

Henry Schein Store

Henry Schein Store 216.368.2771

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS)

Dale A. Baur, Chair 216.368.3102 dale.baur@case.edu
Faisal A. Quereshy, Residency Program Director 216.368.3102 faisal.quereshymd@case.edu
Keith Schneider, Assistant Clinical Professor 216.368.3102 keith.schneider@case.edu
Robert Heckel, Associate Clinical Professor 216.368.3102 robert.heckel@case.edu
M. William Rose, Associate Clinical Professor 216.368.3102 m.rose@case.edu
Patricia Steele, Department Assistant 216.368.3102 patricia.steele@case.edu
Robyn Baker RN, RDH 216.368.6749  
CWRU Clinic Appointments 216.368.2538  
OMFS Resident On-Call (ask operator to page on-call resident) 216.844.1000  

Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences (OMMDS)

Andres Pinto, Associate Professor, Chair 216.368.6769 andres.pinto@case.edu
Stanley Hirsch, Associate Professor 216.368.4262 stanley.hirsh@case.edu
Michael Landers, Associate Professor 216.368.3876 michael.landers@case.edu
Sarah Fitzpatrick, Adjunct Assistant Professor   sarah.fitzpatrick@case.edu
Jean Iannadrea, Assistant Professor 216.368.6707 jean.m.iannadrea@case.edu
David Weidenthal, Senior Instructor 216.368.1063 david.weidenthal@case.edu
Carol Samuels, Department Secretary 216.368.2966 carol.samuels@case.edu
Sue Opsitnick, Radiology Technician 216.368.2645 susanne.opsitnick@case.edu
Lisa Wolf, Clinical Manager/Dept. Coordinator 216.368.0498 lisa.wolf@case.edu
Oral Pathology Lab 216.368.4260  


Mark Hans, Professor, Chair 216.368.4649 mark.hans@cwru.edu
J. Martin Palomo, Associate Professor, Program Director 216.368.2449 palomo@case.edu
B. Douglas Amberman, Clinical Professor 216.368.6773 b.amberman@case.edu
Dennis Beeson, Assistant Professor 216.368.8665 dennis.beeson@cwru.edu
Manish Valiathan, Assistant Professor 216.368.0673 manish.valiathan@case.edu
Department Assistant 216.368.4649  
Clinic Appointments 216.368.3249  

Pediatric Dentistry

Gerald Ferretti, Chair 216.368.3277 gerald.ferretti@case.edu
Sharon Freudenberger, Associate Professor 216.368.1662 sharon.freudenberger@case.edu
Masahiro Heima, Assistant Professor 216.368.1379 masahiro.heima@case.edu
Anchal Malik, Assistant Professor 216.368.5761 anchal.malik@case.edu
Lauren Kallie, Department Assistant 216.368.3277 lauren.kallie@case.edu
Headstart Outreach Program 216.368.0665  
CWRU Clinic Appointments 216.368.6185  
Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital Tapper Clinic 216.844.3080  


Nabil F. Bissada, Professor, Chair 216.368.6752 nabil.bissada@case.edu
Yiping Han, Professor 216.368.1995 yiping.han@case.edu
Leena Palomo, Associate Professor 216.368.6300 leena.palomo@case.edu
Robert Skillicorn, Associate Professor 216.368.5262 robert.skillicorn@case.edu
Andre Paes, Assistant Professor 216.368.0879 andre.paesbatistadasilva@case.edu
Inna Kats, Department Assistant 216.368.6757 inna.kats@case.edu
Jackie Roulette, Patient Appointments 216.368.3615 jacqueline.k.cottingham@case.edu
Kim Harwell, Dental Assistant 216.368.8793 kimberly.harwell@case.edu

Registrar and Financial Aid Advisor

Barb Sciulli, Registrar and Financial Aid Advisor 216.368.3256 barbara.sciulli@case.edu

Student Services

Phil Aftoora, Director 216.368.3201 philip.aftoora@case.edu
Cheryl Silas, Department Assistant 216.368.6136 cheryl.silas@case.edu

CWRU School of Dental Medicine     2124 Cornell Road     Cleveland, OH 44106-4905     216.368.3200