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School of Dental Medicine Guides and Manuals

  • Dental School Sponsored Projects Manual
    An overview of sponsored projects from a School of Dental Medicine perspective.

  • Reading an Expense Statement
    Guide created for School of Dental Medicine personnel who are responsible for the administration of sponsored project speedtypes. This guide is intended to be a general overview of what is included in the monthly expense statement produced by Peoplesoft.

  • NIH SF424 Guide
    Illustrated guide to assist the SODM Administrator construct an electronic NIH submission using the SF424 package. This is meant to supplement the NIH SF424 Instruction Manual by providing information specific to the School of Dental Medicine.

  • NIH SF424 Application Checklist
    Use when constructing an electronic application for the NIH. A helpful way to track the receipt and upload of necessary documents.

  • General Rules Regarding Unallowable Expenses - 599XXX Account Codes
    Guide written by the Controller's Office that discusses some of the most common expenses that are not allowed to be charged to Federal Projects. These expenses should be charged to the appropriate 599XXX account.

  • University Policy, Procedure, and Approval Forms for Volunteers in Laboratories
    The policy comes directly from Environmental Health Services and relates to any faculty who would like to allow a volunteer from outside the University to work in their lab. Please note that EHS must approve any volunteer before they begin working in any SODM laboratory.

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