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PhD, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, 2003
MSc, North Bengal University, Siliguri, India, 1996

About Dr. Ghosh

Dr. Ghosh is senior research associate in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Research Summary

Dr. Ghosh in interested in antimicrobial peptides, immunology, proteomics, bioinformatics, and microbiology.

Research Keywords

Antimicrobial peptides; Immunology; Proteomics; Bioinformatics; Microbiology

Selected Publications

Gupta S, Ghosh S.K., Scott ME, Brainbridge B, Jiang B, Lamont RJ, McCormick TS and Weinberg A [2010]. Fusobacterium nucleatum associated beta defensin inducer (FAD-I): Identification, Isolation, and Functional Evaluation. Journal of Biological Chemistry,285 (47),36523 -36531

Gin J, Kawsar HI, Hirsch SA, Zeng C, Xia X, Feng Z, Ghosh S.K., Zheng Q, Zhou A, McIntyre T and Weinberg A. [2010]: An Antimicrobial Peptide Regulates Tumor-Associated Macrophage Trafficking via the Chemokine Receptor CCR2, a Model for Tumorigenesis PLoS ONE 5(6): e10993. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0010993

Kawsar HI, Ghosh S.K., Hirsch SA, Koon HB, Weinberg A and Jin G [2010]: Expression of human beta-defensin-2 in intratumoral vascular endothelium and in endothelial cells induced by transforming growth factor beta. Peptides 31 195 -201

Ghosh, S. K., Gerken, T.A., Schneider, K.M., Feng, Z., McCormick, T.S., and Weinberg, A. [2007]. Quantification of Human beta-defensins-2 and -3 in Body Fluids: Application for Studies of Innate Immunity. Clinical Chemistry 53(4):757-765

Dr. Santosh Ghosh

Senior Research Associate
Department of Biological Sciences
School of Dental Medicine
Email: santosh.ghosh@exchange.cwru.edu
Phone: 216.368.6586

CWRU School of Dental Medicine     2124 Cornell Road     Cleveland, OH 44106-4905     216.368.3200