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Current Student Resources


  • 6/18 - The instructions for connecting to the new printer in the Student Computer Lab have been updated to include instructions for Mac OS X.


DMD program course material is hosted here, including syllabi, powerpoints, and handouts. Though the
majority of course material can be found here, some professors may require you to check Blackboard.

Peoplesoft Student Information System (SIS)

The campus-wide system for course schedules and student registration. Log in to view your semester
schedules as well as your grades.

Clinic Resources

Find current rotation schedules, clinic forms and manuals, and clinical syllabi here.

DMD Schedule

Schedule of courses for DMD students for the current semester.

Academic Calendar

Calendar with semester start and end dates, University holidays, and other important events.

4-Year Academic Calendar

Table with general start and end dates, exam weeks, holidays, etc.

Graduate Student Resources

Resources for students in post-doctoral programs can be found here.