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It's hard to keep track of all the progress we've been making, from the research in all of our departments to the impact we've been having on our community, but you'll find our attempt to collect it all here. To help fill in what we've missed, you may want to visit the university news center, which produces and hosts the Case Daily news reports.

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12/2012 - “CHOMP” Pilot Program Offers One-stop Oral and Health Care at CWRU Clinic
11/2012 - Cleveland Middle-Schoolers Experience Hands-On Science, Technology, and Dentistry
11/2012 - Research Strengthens Link Between Obesity and Dental Health in Homeless Children
11/2012 - Think[box] Technology Helps Dental Student Create the Perfect Proposal
11/2012 - Dental and Nursing Students Collaborate in New Interprofessional Project
11/2012 - Dr. Zachary Mellion '04 recieved the N. Wayne Hiatt Rising Star Award from the Ohio Dental Association‌
11/2012 - Dr. Leena Palomo featured in AADR's Strides in Science
11/2012 -  Dr. Kari Cunningham, 10 featured in An Inside Look - How Dr. Cunningham got her start in a recent edition of Generation D, an e-publication for new dentists by the Ohio Dental Association
10/2012 - CWRU Orthodontics Orthodontics Student Research Takes 1st and 2nd Place at annual session of the Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists‌
10/2012 - Dental School Hosts 18 Chinese Visitors Here to Polish Their Orthodontic Skills
10/2012 - Dr. Ronald Lemmo, '84 installed as Treasurer of the American Dental Association
10/2012 - Dr. Brian Scott, '78 installed as second vice president of the American Dental Association
10/2012 - Dental school joins Israel’s Rambam Medical Center for new program
10/2012 - 
9/2012 - Delta Dental Foundation presents $72,688 grant to CWRU
8/2012 - Moms linked to teen oral health, says study
7/2012 - Orthodontics alumnus Dr. Jack Beattie has been featured in the Spring 2012 issue of the American Association of Orthodontics' magazine, New Dimensions
6/2012 - Brush up: Study finds gum disease linked to women’s hormones
6/2012 - Dental students’ summer dig searches for human evolution in Israel
6/2012 - CWRU wins federal funding for health initiatives aiding underserved patients
6/2012 - Researchers find joint failures potentially linked to oral bacteria
6/2012 - Gum disease linked to knee pain
5/2012 - Reporting for Army duty, student leaves legacy of Peru dental mission
3/2012 - Leena Palomo awarded clinical research fellowship
2/2012 - Dental researchers help unearth secrets of evolution
1/2012 - Dr. Francis Curd, '77 has published "The declining humber of practicing African American dentists in Cuyahoga County, 1970 through 2001."
1/2012 - Donor Spotlight: Dr. Samuel C. Muslin
1/2012 - Common oral bacteria makes body vulnerable to illness
1/2012 - Lose the fat and improve the gums, CWRU dental researchers find

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