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Ed Meckler

Ed Meckler, D.M.D. ’74

I have several reasons for giving to support the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine. As a graduate of the school, I feel that my education gave me entry into a profession in which I can be successful not just financially, but also from the standpoint of enjoying what I do. Helping to create that opportunity for others is an important — and gratifying — reason why I choose to give back to the school. It’s important to me to support something that will be stable and strong into the future. That is certainly the case with the School of Dental Medicine. I absolutely believe in the school and its administration, particularly Dr. Goldberg. He has proven himself to be a great leader. Finally, the quality of education is superb. I’m the founder of a chain of dental offices, and we have affiliations with approximately 350 doctors in 14 states.

Ed Meckler

I get to see doctors who come out of many different schools and residencies, and the doctors who come out of the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine are absolutely on my “A” list.

Ed Meckler, D.M.D. ’74, is co-chair and a contributor to the School of Dental Medicine’s Capital Campaign, “Discovering the Future of Dental Medicine.”