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Edith Miller

Robert P. Dressel

My gift to the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine is designed to honor and keep alive the memory of my father, Robert P. Dressel, D.D.S., who taught at the school for more than 45 years. For many of those years he served as professor and director of restorative dentistry. My father loved his work, and he was a consummate professional and a role model for ethical conduct. He struggled financially to graduate from the University of Minnesota’s dental school. In creating a scholarship in his name, it was important to me that the student qualified for financial assistance and also embodied the highest ethical and moral standards so important to my father and to me. I feel that Meredith Garber, the recipient of the Robert P. Dressel Memorial Scholarship Fund, embodies those qualities. I know she will make us all proud.

Robert Dressel

Mrs. Edith Miller established the Robert P. Dressel Memorial Scholarship Fund in 2010. It provides four years of financial assistance for students who have financial challenges and qualities that exemplify the spirit of Dr. Dressel. Meredith Garber (left), the first recipient, is from Voorhees, NJ.