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OSPA Commonly Requested Information - Lists all the requested numbers, codes, and contact information needed for sponsored projects. Check here first!

Outgoing Proposal – Space Request - If the PI of a proposal anticipates that additional space will be needed if the proposal is funded, this form must be completed. If no space is needed, then this form does not need to be completed.

Internal Prior Approval Sheet - Use this form to request the following actions:

  • 90-Day Pre-Award Cost Authorization: Only to be used if the funding is guaranteed and start date is known.
  • Petition to Allow Account to Remain Open: Used if an account is in deficit and/or expiring and new funding is anticipated.
  • No-Cost Extension: Only to be used if Case can authorize an extension internally. Check sponsor regulations to determine applicability.
  • Preliminary Project Setup: Used when an award is forthcoming, but will not be received before the anticipated start date.
    Example: Delay in next year funding when there is no automatic carryover, or a contract is being negotiated and expenses are expected.
  • Rebudget/Reallocation Request: Used if a rebudget is needed and no sponsor approval is necessary.

Internal Approval Form for the Purchase of Controlled Substances for Research - Any purchase of a controlled substance to be used in a research project must follow the CWRU Purchasing Policy. Please contact Tricia Ribeiro (, 368.1630) for more information on the process.

Late Cost Transfer Form - Required for any cost transfer after 90 days from the posting date. The link above will take you to the OSPA Forms page. The LCT form is in the Post Award Section as an Excel File. 

Internal Detail Budget Worksheets

  • Use the budget worksheet appropriate to your proposal based on whether or not it is subject to the salary cap. Individual tabs within the files can accommodate budgets ranging from 1 to 5 years.
Subject to Salary CapNot Subject to Salary Cap
1 to 5-Year Budget Worksheet 1 to 5-Year Budget Worksheet
(Uses new cap in effect as of January 2016)

Letter of Intent to Establish a Consortium Agreement [NEW as of 3/27/14] - This letter should be used whenever a proposal contains a proposed consortium agreement as part of the project. The project information should be filled in and the letter should be sent to the consortium institution for signature by the PI and their Authorized Official. When it is returned, the Letter should be routed to the Case PI and then to OSPA for signature. If not required to be sent as part of the application, it should be kept on file in the department with a copy to Finance and Administration for the master file.

Research Associate Position Forms

Postdoctoral Fellow/Scholar Position Forms

  • Instructions - Outlines the procedure for hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow/Scholar
  • Request Form - Complete this form to begin the process of hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow/Scholar

Intellectual Property Agreement for Visiting Scholars - This agreement is to be used when appointing a Visiting Scholar under a J1 or H1B visa who will work in an SODM research lab. The information in the preamble should be modified to reflect the appointee’s information. Please do not change any of the language in the agreement except the highlighted areas in the preamble.

NIH Other Support Form Template/Sample Word or PDF 

NIH Biosketch

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