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School of Dental Medicine

Research Support

Research Support

Research Support

The information within the Research Support section is provided to assist School of Dental Medicine Faculty, Staff, and Students navigate the administrative/financial, regulatory, and operational tasks that accompany research.

Policies + Procedures‌

Rules and regulations of conducting research at the School of Dental Medicine.

Grants + Funding

Guidance on award management, including research finance, grant submission, and funding opportunities. 

‌‌Certifications + Credentialing

Detailed instructions on how to complete CITI Certification for Human Subjects Protection and University Hospitals Research Credentialing.

‌‌IRB Submission

An overview of the purpose of Institutional Review Boards and how to submit studies for approval.

Resources + Links

Links to internal (CWRU) and external resources.


Click on the link below to send a message directly to our research team for answers!

CWRU Integrity Hotline

For anonymous reporting of professional or research misconduct, call: 1-866-483-9367. The University's mission of excellence in education, research, and clinical service depends upon the integrity of the CWRU community. Members of our community are responsible for upholding our shared values by reporting unethical or illegal conduct to supervisors or appropriate university officials.