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Professionals Day

Professionals Day

Student Research

Professionals Day

Held every March, Professionals Day is an event at which our dental students present their research and network with faculty, alumni, and industry representatives. Featuring a keynote speaker, oral and poster research awards, and visiting vendors, this event is a day dedicated to dental student involvement in the many facets of their chosen profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is Professionals Day?

Professionals Day is held on a Thursday in March. The date varies, but can be confirmed by viewing our Academic Calendar or DMD Schedules. The event is held at the Wolstein Research Building, across the street from the Dental School, contingent on availability.

How should I prepare my presentation for Professionals Day?

Use the presentation tip sheet to help prepare. 

Where do I get help to make a poster?

Use the available poster template. Additional advice can be found in the presentation tip sheet.

General rules to consider:

  • Avoid walls of text
  • Less is more - A few well-presented key ideas is all you need
  • Keep it simple - Use color and font to highlight your work; don't let it distract from it

Where can I get more help?

Any questions not answered in this section can be directed to:

Dr. Catherine Demko ( - Research/Presentations

Gladys Ina ( - Professionals Day Administration

What awards are presented at the event?

Undergraduate (DMD) students are eligible for the Vibeke K. Nygaard Award for excellent in dental anatomy and masticatory dynamics, the OKU Award, the Guenther M. Hans Award for Presentations from the Platform, the GCDS Basic, Clinical, or Community Science Presentation Award, and the SCADA Award for Table Clinic Presentations, which comes with a trip to the annual ADA meeting. Graduate students are eligible for Nabil Bissada Graduate Student Awards.