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HP Tablet Support

HP Tablet Support

The warranty on your HP Tablet is a 4-year parts, labor, and on-site service warranty. HP has also included off-site ADP (Accidental Damage Protection) coveraged. Please make sure you register the HP Care Pack immediately using the registration instructions. Also, please note that the warranty coverage for the battery is 1-year due to it being a consumable item. There are 2 ways you can get assistance:
Online at
and by phone at 800.474.6836 (800.HP.INVENT)

Additional warranty information about the 4400 is available here.

The following list provides more detail about each of the service delivery types:

  • Self-repair service provides the customer with remote diagnosis and remote remedy. HP ships any parts to the customer that are necessary to repair a defect. The customer is responsible for installing the necessary parts and for returning any unused parts and the defective parts to HP. All costs for parts and shipping are paid by HP.
  • Parts-only service provides replacement parts at no charge. With parts-only service, customers can choose to install the replacement parts and return the defective parts to HP, or they can choose to have HP perform the installation and parts return for a fee. The cost of shipping the replacement parts to the customer is paid by HP. The shipping cost to return the defective parts is paid by the customer.
  • Unit replacement includes remote diagnosis and, if a covered product has a defective part, covers the cost of shipping an entire replacement product to the customer. The customer must return the product with the defective part to HP within a specific number of days.
  • Pick-up service includes remote diagnosis, pick up of the product for repair, and return of the product to the customer. The cost of shipping to and from the repair center is paid by HP.
  • Mail-in service requires that the product be mailed to an authorized service center for diagnosis and repair. The cost of shipping the product to the repair center is paid by the customer.
  • Carry-in service requires that the product be brought to an authorized service center for diagnosis and repair.
  • On-site service may be provided after a diagnosis is made remotely. On-site service covers the costs associated with sending a technician to the location of the HP product, replacing the defective part, and verifying that the new part is working appropriately.

The following information pertains to typical warranty coverage:

  • Warranty terms and conditions provide repair or replacement (at the discretion of HP) for defects in the manufacturer's material or workmanship. The warranty does not protect against accidental damage, loss, acts of nature, or any other event that did not originate during the manufacture of the product.
  • When HP repairs a product, the repair may be completed with new or previously used products, with parts equivalent to new in performance and reliability, or with equivalent products to an original product that has been discontinued.
  • HP is not responsible for the loss of data. It is prudent to have a backup plan for data. The University recommends the Carbonite service, which is available in the e-store.
  • Software support is available for applications that HP sells with a product or for applications that are pre-installed on an HP product, including operating systems. The length of time that support is available, and whether or not there is a fee for that support varies by product line. For information about software support for a specific HP product, review the warranty statement for the product.
  • It is possible to void the warranty on an HP product. Any failure caused by an unsupported or third-party component will not be covered by warranty. Opening a sealed component or sealed product will void the warranty. Examples of sealed components or sealed products include drives, monitors, and many handheld products. Opening the case will not void the warranty on products that are designed to be opened and upgraded, such as desktop or tower computers or servers.

ADP Information

Please use the same number for ADP as you would for warranty support. ADP is defined as physical damage to a product caused by or resulting from a fortuitous incident. Covered perils include fire, non-intentional liquid spills in or on the unit, drops, falls, collisions, and electrical surges. This includes damaged or broken liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and/or broken parts.

ADP does not cover theft, loss, normal wear, consumables, intentional acts of damage, or other exclusions, as detailed in the "Service Limitations" section of the warranty information. Major parts replacement is subject to certain limitations as detailed in the "Service Limitations" section.

ADP is off-site and will need to be repaired at an HP designated location.

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