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Vitalsource Instructions

Vitalsource Instructions

Your textbooks are all available via the VitalSource Bookshelf. You can follow the directions that come in the DVD case, the instructions on the VitalSource website, or the steps below.

  1. Install the VitalSource program. You can download the latest version here. On the website, click the "Download VitalSource Bookshelf" button for the appropriate operating system. Install the program by double-clicking your downloaded installer and following all instructions.
  2. After opening VitalSource, click the "Register for an account" button.
  3. Enter in your data to create an account. Please note that this account is wholly separate from any accounts you have with the University (WebMail, etc.); this means a separate password. Please take note of your VitalSource account password. Be sure to enter in your Redemption Code! This is what tells VitalSource that you have pre-purchased books for the account you are creating. Click "Register" at the bottom right when you're done.
  4. The program will begin downloading the books that are now associated with your account, which could take hours or days, if you let it. Instead, close the program, and confirm that you do want to interrupt the download by clicking "Quit".
  5. Insert the orange content DVD you received during Orientation into your disc drive and open VitalSource again. An icon representing the DVD will now appear in the left column. Click the VitalSource icon, followed by "Install Content" in the upper right. Once the process has completed, you can view all of your books by clicking "All Titles".
  6. Eject the DVD, return the disc to the case, place the case on your bookshelf at home and save it there for a rainy day.

Online Materials Through Evolve

At least two textbooks have materials online that can be accessed through Elsevier's Evolve website:
Dental Materials: Properties and Manipulation 9th Edition, by Robert Craig, John Powers, and John Wataha and Craig's Restorative Dental Materials by John Powers

There may also be additional resources on the Evolve site. Registration is free. Once you register, you can go to the "Products" link and select the appropriate textbooks. Books you own will be added to your cart (free) and after checkout will be part of your account. Afterwards, on the Evolve home page, there will be an "Edit" menu on the left. Under "My Content > Resources" you will find the textbooks you've selected.